Waves and waves

Workshop |

Marita Schwanke

Le 27 avril 2024

Waves and waves


Marita Schwanke

In this workshop we focus on the breath and we will take time to zoom in to the movement of breathing and how it supports us in our creative movement and in daily life. By exploring the anatomy of rib-basket, lungs and diaphragm and using the information of touch an opening is encouraged and possibility for movement is facilitated.

No prior knowledge of dance is needed, only an interest in movement or dance.


Le 27 avril 2024


12h00 – 14h00



Rue van Artevelde, 70

1000 Bruxelles


Tout public

Prix d'entrée / Participation

free price (min. 5€)

+ A savoir

Wear comfortable clothes in which you feel like moving around in different kind of ways.

For more informations : profile.marita-schwanke@gmail.com

Language(s) of the activity: english


No reservation required

Marita Schwanke

In my teachings I am merging my knowledge of contemporary dance, Qigong, Yoga, Contact dance, Break dance, Somatic practices as well as Fascia and Dance therapy. All of these practices have something special to give to the body and I find it interesting to let these practices meet each other.

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