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DAS Theatre – Winter Presentations Ainhoa Hernández Escudero, Venuri Perera


How can we find exposure in the opaque? How can we dissolve the notion self and others? How can we disorient hierarchies? How can we perceive the mundane and profane with a sense of wonder and curiosity?  How can we embrace the murky, the muddy, and bloom like the lotus? How can we party today if tomorrow is yesterday? In her new work Venuri Perera invites us to an exploration of visibility and unvisibility, labeling and rewriting assumptions.


Venuri Perera is a choreographer, performance artist and curator from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Her works have dealt with violent nationalism, patriarchy, border rituals, colonial heritage, and class. Her solos and collaborative creations have been shown in Europe, South and East Asia. Since 2017, she has been exploring the power dynamics of gaze, sensuality and anonymity. Currently, she is searching for ways to create conditions for radical love and compassion in her work and life. Although mostly failing, she remains optimistic. She is currently based in Amsterdam and a participant at DAS Theatre.

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Le Beursschouwburg est un centre d’art et de réflexion multidisciplinaire, un lieu de rencontres et d’échanges profondément ancré dans la réalité bruxelloise. Ici, nous encourageons les pratiques locales et glocales.

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21, 22, 23 avril 2022 à 20h30

Durée: 60 min


Rue Auguste Orts 20-28

1000 Bruxelles

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