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Marita Schwanke

Le 27 avril 2024



Marita Schwanke

In “The Outer Space” Marita Schwanke is working with the idea of the sea, a sea of thoughts and feelings floating and states of constant change that are difficult to grasp sometimes.

The body work is based on postures and their connections with a deep gaze connection and an invitation to surrender to silence and observation. Marita grounds her movements on principles of the Alexander Technique, Kinesthetic awareness and Fascia. Her suggestion is to find poetry in simplicity.

The inspiration for this solo came from a life performance of Anna von Hausswolff’s “All thoughts fly” an album consisting of organ pieces for six hands of which she integrated 2 of the music pieces into her solo.


Le 27 avril 2024





Rue de Manchesterstraat, 21

1080 St-Jan-Molenbeek


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This solo is about you. It is about me. It is about me and you. It is about us. When we meet we see each other and when we see each other, we meet. I look into your eyes and you look into mine, quietly and honestly. Once we get to know someone, the eyes can tell you everything. They start to speak more than anything else. Through them we can see but also we can feel and through them we know. Emotions are being expressed and the truth is written. We then have the choice to shut them, to change them or to open them and let them be. By meeting each other through our eyes we start a conversation, we are communicating and we are connecting, let this be the start of something, or simply an encounter.

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Marita Schwanke

Marita Schwanke is a dancer, performer and choreographer. She is interested in working interdisciplinary, especially combining text, sound and movement. Gestures and daily actions are definitely movement vocabularies she includes in her pieces as she wishes her audience to feel close to the movement language she is using. One main goal Marita has is to ignite communication with the audience. How to transmit an issue, a political question through performing arts so that we leave the theater with more questions than before and a curiosity for dance and art? Marita likes to engage the audience, to think alongside her and to tell a story that can inspire and let imagination flow.

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