CANCELED - House dance masterclass by Les Mybalés

Atelier de création |

Tictac Art Centre

Le 27 avril 2024

CANCELED - House dance masterclass by Les Mybalés

Atelier de création

Les Mybalés

“Body, movement and spirit are the main driving forces”.
Through learning the basics and foundations of House Dance; we’ll explore its culture and vision in movement, music, dance, exchange and freestyle.
The aim is to create a broader look connecting to house dance house in a body in motion.

Les Mybalés are twin sisters, Belgian dancers, performers and choreographers of Congolese origin. In 2010, they discovered dance and began freestyling in the Hip Hop style at Brussels’ Luxembourg station.
In 2017, Les Mybalés created their first show, “À travers l’autre”, in which they take us on a journey into their universe and their story, allowing us to identify with their characters of playful little girls and women with divine creatures.
Versatile and self-taught, Les Mybalés enjoy being part of both the creative scene and the underground scene.


Le 27 avril 2024


13h30 – 16h00


Tictac Art Centre

Rue Émile Carpentier, 34

1070 Anderlecht – Brussels


Tout public

Prix d'entrée / Participation


+ A savoir

The doors of Tictac Art Centre and it’s canteen are open from 13:00 for registration, warm up, chill out or have a drink / snack.
In the morning is a Let’s Dance! masterclass by David Zambrano.
In the evening is a Crude Saturday and les Mybalés might perform that night besides other invited artists, starting at 18:00. Duration around 75 min. max.

Language(s) of the activity : english


No reservation required

Tictac Art Centre

Tictac Art Centre is the artistic home, initiated and directed by David Zambrano and Mat Voorter. In it’s 5 years of existence, it is respected and known by contemporary dancers and performers all over the world. The main focus of Tictac is the transmission of creative methods for performance and visual arts. The centre is offered to international artists with innovative ideas and who are willing to share those ideas in frames of weekly workshops, raw performances and visual art exhibitions. Tictac is also the main scene where David Zambrano himself continues sharing his artistic and pedagogic work.

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