Flying Low workshop by David Zambrano

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Tictac Art Centre

Le 27 avril 2024

Flying Low workshop by David Zambrano


David Zambrano

This workshop focuses mainly on the dancer’s relationship with the floor. The class utilizes simple movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and the release of energy throughout the body in order to activate the relationship between the center and the joints, moving in and out of the ground more efficiently by maintaining a centered state. Working with spirals helps the dancers go into the floor and out of the floor with ease, and also helps the dancers to see themselves and the room from all sides. The spirals propel the class all over the room, both on the ground and upright. This is the flying low technique.


Le 27 avril 2024


13h00 – 15h30


Tictac Art Centre
Rue Emile Carpentierstraat 34
1070 Brussel – Anderlecht


Tout public

Prix d'entrée / Participation



No reservation needed. Just come in time! Canteen doors are open at 12:00.

Tictac Art Centre

Tictac Art Centre is the artistic home, initiated and directed by David Zambrano and Mat Voorter. In it’s 5 years of existence, it is respected and known by contemporary dancers and performers all over the world. The main focus of Tictac is the transmission of creative methods for performance and visual arts. The centre is offered to international artists with innovative ideas and who are willing to share those ideas in frames of weekly workshops, raw performances and visual art exhibitions. Tictac is also the main scene where David Zambrano himself continues sharing his artistic and pedagogic work.

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