Dying Fish

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Marita Schwanke

Le 26 avril 2024

Dying Fish


Marita Schwanke

“Dying fish” is originally a solo performance by Marita Schwanke which she is now re-working as an installation/performance with multiple female identifying dancers. In this work Marita puts at stake the voice and the freedom of women in this society. The movement vocabulary is based on isolations and in connection with the music “L’île re-sonante” by Éliane Radigue and the recorded poem “Dying Fish” that Marita wrote herself. “Dying Fish” is strongly inspired by female artists still alive or long gone such as Jacqueline de Pré, Amy Beach and Katja Heitmann.

Maker: Marita Schwanke

Cast: Ariadna Navarrete, Dorothea Mende, Laura Murariu, Rania Barhoumi, Magdelaine Hodebourg, Marita Schwanke


Le 26 avril 2024


12h00 – 14h00


La Raffinerie

Rue de Manchesterstraat 21,

1080 St- Jan- Molenbeek


Tout public

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Marita Schwanke

In my teachings I am merging my knowledge of contemporary dance, Qigong, Yoga, Contact dance, Break dance, Somatic practices as well as Fascia and Dance therapy. All of these practices have something special to give to the body and I find it interesting to let these practices meet each other.

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