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Hoofdstedelijke Kunstacademie van Brussel

Le 27 avril 2024

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Fouad Nafili | Production : Great Investment (in collaboration with Hoofdstedelijke Kunstacademie van Brussel)

This workshop by dancer and choreographer Fouad Nafili aims to explore a fundamental element of collective dancing known as the ‘cypher.’ Deeply rooted in various African dance traditions and urban practices, the cypher involves forming a circle to facilitate the sharing of dance. In this focused session, we will break down the technical aspects of the cypher and its components. Through exercises, puzzles, and games, we aim to develop tools for generating movement vocabulary. Working with grooves, floor work, and improvisation tasks, we will progress to collective cyphering.


Le 27 avril 2024


13h30 – 15h00 / 15h30 – 17h00


Hoofdstedelijke Kunstacademie Brussel

Nieuwland, 198

1000 Bruxelles


Tout public

Prix d'entrée / Participation


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Bring casual clothing. The workshop will be taught in French/English.

Language(s) of the activity: french & english


Book via the QR Code on the poster.

Hoofdstedelijke Kunstacademie van Brussel

Fouad Nafili (MA, 1992) began his dance career at an early age with Breaking (breakdancing). He later joined the Conservatory of Music and Choreographic Arts Dar Lbaroud (Salé) before furthering his training in the program ‘AL Mokhtabar’ with Anania Danse (Marrakech). In 2016, he joined the Training Cycle at P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels) and later the MA program STUDIOS in 2019. Fouad has been involved in numerous works, internships, and residences across Morocco, Europe, and the Middle East. He has collaborated with and performed in the works of various artists, including Michel Hallet Eghayan, Taoufiq Izzediou, Isabella Soupart, Bouziane Bouteldja, Faouzi Bensaïdi, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Fanny Brouyaux, Radouan Mriziga, and more. Currently, Fouad is on tour with Skatepark by Mette Ingvartsen. This workshop is organised by the DKO and Great Investment vzw, the company of Mette Ingvartsen.

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