Crude Saturday

Open stage & performance |

Tictac Art Centre

Le 20 avril 2024

Crude Saturday

Open stage & performance

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month Tictac Art Centre’s studio becomes an open stage for anyone to do anything. Performers sign up with only their name and duration of their performance (max 15 min). Every evening is different, diverse, and surprising; and often very inspiring !
Public is welcome to come and be surprised by who will perform.
Performers are welcome to come and surprise themselves by what they will do.

On 20 April, Crude Saturday will also host a short performance by the multidisciplinary artist Javier Murugarren (Hobelasai), who had a two week residency at Tictac’s gallery and will have costumes and clothing creations on display and for sale.

Duration: approx. 70 minutes


Le 20 avril 2024




Tictac Art Centre

Rue Émile Carpentier, 34

1070 Anderlecht – Brussels


Tout public

Prix d'entrée / Participation


+ A savoir

Tictac’s canteen will be open from 17:00, with drinks and snacks.
Please be in time, as the gate will be closed when the performances start at 18:00.

Language(s) of the activity : english



No reservation required

Tictac Art Centre

Tictac Art Centre is the artistic home, initiated and directed by David Zambrano and Mat Voorter. In it’s 5 years of existence, it is respected and known by contemporary dancers and performers all over the world. The main focus of Tictac is the transmission of creative methods for performance and visual arts. The centre is offered to international artists with innovative ideas and who are willing to share those ideas in frames of weekly workshops, raw performances and visual art exhibitions. Tictac is also the main scene where David Zambrano himself continues sharing his artistic and pedagogic work.

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