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De Markten

Le 27 avril 2024



Jeanne Colin

As a dancer Jeanne Colin has since 2018 carried out research about movement as a tool to dig into the unconscious.
Her first work, the duet RECEPTION, was presented in Demarkten in 2020.
Then she explored shape shifting and decaying landscapes made of bodies and clay, questioning our relationship to our environment.With her solo ABYSSES, the young choreographer focuses on dreams and REM sleep, as an experience of rest principally characterized by nightmares and fear. Working on this turmoil between reality and fiction, what is felt and what is imagined, Jeanne Colin starts her work with a small conference before allowing body and senses to drift into the unknown, with a dance marked by freedom . Playing physically and metaphorically with cords, knots and vines, ABYSSES binds together elements that are suppressed and separated.


Le 27 avril 2024


18h00 & 20h00


De Markten

Oude Graanmarkt 5

1000 Brussel


Tout public

Prix d'entrée / Participation

2€ - 12€


De Markten

The Markets is the vibrant community centre of the Brussels pentagon. A place for local residents, associations, volunteers and artists. De Markten is an open house where everyone is welcome for a chat, activity, expo or course, for free or at democratic rates.
With us, you can sing, draw, dance, write, play sports and much more. Do you have an idea? Come and see us, we are open to collaborations. We are always happy to help you, in Dutch or any other language we speak. With us, you will find many ways to practise your Dutch.
We are a haven for ideas and we build Brussels with activities, debates and workshops on metropolitan and social issues to make the city a little more liveable every day.
Together with you, local residents, associations, artists and others, we write a story for Brussels. Will you join us?

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